Monday, November 15, 2010

Katelyn and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Week.

     Last week was hands down the most awful week of the month year. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. Somehow we kept getting charged for something we paid for at the beginning of the month. Actually, we weren't even charged the correct amount at first so USAA credited our account. Then we finally got charged the right amount but two weeks later. We had paid with our debit card so it should have been taken out right then and there when we swiped and entered the pin number. For some reason it didn't. So since it wasso close to pay day our account was at like nothing (we've been having some financial issues) and when that money was finally taken out it put us into the negative. Since it put us into the negative we got charged an NSF fee of $25 which put us further into the hole. We called USAA and explained the situation so they again were so helpful and took the NSF fee off but we're still negative because of the other charge. So for some odd reason I get the urge to check our account and the charge has just disappeared. I called USAA once again and explained the situation once again. They had no idea where it went. So pay day comes and we have everything planned out for what bills we have to pay. So I got to pay some bills and check out account and guess what has shown up again. You guessed it. That stupid no good charge. Luckily we had just enough for that amount and then some. I wasn't upset that we had to pay it. I was upset that it kept showing up and then disappearing. It was create this snowball effect with our stupid money situation.

     So now comes the cherry on top to my awful week....

     I get a call on Monday afternoon from Jon (who was on leave) frantically asking how much cash I had on me (keep in mind what was going on with our account). I said about $80. He said Jake (refer to this post if you don't know who he is) had hurt his leg and he was at the vet with him. So I grab Caden (the little boy I'm a nanny for) from his nap, put shoes on him and haul butt out the door. I get there and it turns out he has broken his leg. Jon had put the dogs out in the backyard, went to let them in and noticed Jake was hurt. He has no idea how it happened though. So they wanted to do xrays but that was going to cost us $140 and we couldn't afford it. Yes, I know I'm a bad pet owner for not having money set aside for emergencies. They said they felt around on it and the way he had broken it he was going to need surgery to place a pin in his leg. Everything was going to cost us right under a grand. We don't have that kind of money and they wouldn't work with us or set up a payment plan. (Shame on us for not having a savings account) The only thing we could afford was for them to splint it up so he wouldn't injure it further. We called around but no one would help or even think about a payment plan. Luckily, I had a friend who worked for Animal Trustees of Austin who told us to take him there. So the next day Jon called, explained the situation and they said to bring him in immediately. They found out he was military because of where we were coming from and really wanted to help us. They were so appreciative of what he does while at the same time we were appreciative of them for helping us. Jake had his surgery last Wednesday and we haven't had to pay a dime. They set us up on payments plans. Oh, and the best part is they're only charging us half of what the other vet wanted. Animal Trustees of Austin is a non-profit animal welfare organization. They are open only because of donations. These people really care for animals unlike these other money hungry vet offices. We are so thankful for them!

I've noticed that the last couple of my posts have been downers and I promise that they'll get better and more cheerful! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Oh! On a lighter note, I've signed up for an ornament swap!

You can go here to sign up! Go ahead, you know you want to!


It's Something Beautiful said... [Reply to comment]

I'm sorry you've had such a rough week, but it sounds like things have worked out so that's a positive!! Hope this week goes better :)

Lacey said... [Reply to comment]

sorry you had a rough week...for the water mark though go to picnik and add a text to your picture then fade the text!! if you have more questions let me know!

Aimee said... [Reply to comment]

Hi, Thanks for following:) I'm following you as well! I hope you week gets better!!

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