Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's been quite a while!

Let's see... Last time I wrote I was 26 weeks along. I am now 37 weeks and 4 days. I feel like these last weeks have been going by so slow! Last week at 36 weeks my doctor checked me and I was dilated 1cm and 70% effaced. She checked again yesterday and I'm still 1cm but 80% effaced. She went ahead and did a membrane stripping to move things along. I've been having some pretty strong period like cramping for about two weeks now. I wish it would just go away or things would get moving. I know I still have two weeks but they are so bothersome. Although, I would rather have a happy, health baby and be uncomfortable than a sick baby.

Jon started a new job last week where he is on the road for five days and home for the weekend. The farthest he goes is about four hours away. So hopefully when my body says it's time he'll make it here in time for the birth. I don't think I've shared what he is doing now that he is out of the Army. He is a truck drive. Yep, he drives 18-wheelers. He hauls anything from corn, fertilizer, soymeal and other commodities.

Things are pretty lonely here especially since I don't know really know anyone. Sure, I know the people I work with but they aren't people I would ever hang out with. They just aren't my "type" of friends. Speaking of work I guess my boss decided it was time for me to just not work anymore. I was trying to work right up until I gave birth. He had other plans though. Friday is my last day on the schedule. I guess it gives me time to relax and clean this place up some more. Not that I haven't been on a cleaning spree or anything of the sorts.

I'm really hoping that my Mom can make it up here for the birth as well. I'm really scared that Jon and my Mom won't get here in time. I'm already scared of the whole labor part as it is. My luck I will be doing it all alone. Fingers and toes crossed that I won't though.

Now that I won't be working I hope to have more time to blog.

I'll leave you with some belly pictures and 3d/4d pictures of Beau.

Monday, September 12, 2011

26 weeks

Week 26- September 11th-September 17th

Due Date: December 18, 2011

How Big is Baby: An app on my phone says he's as big as a cucumber.

Weight Gain: 2 lbs!

Symptoms: Just some round ligament pain.

Cravings: Cantaloupe! I ate a bunch of it though, so that craving has now come and gone. I haven't craved much of anything else.

Sleep: Sleep these days is okay. Sometimes I can't get comfortable so I just lay there.

I Can't Live Without: Nothing at the moment actually.

I Miss: Not peeing in the middle of the night.  I seriously wake up about three times a night.

I am Looking Forward to: Meeting our little boy.

Movement: He's most active at night and in the mornings. Jon was able to feel him at around 24 weeks. Usually his kicks are pretty mellow but every once in a while he gives a nice big kick. As of right now I like feeling him kick. Ask me later though when he is kicking my ribs.

Gender: It's a boy! Beau Levi!
It's hard to believe I have only gained two pounds but the scale at the doctor office doesn't lie.

Monday, August 15, 2011

We found out what we are having!

On Saturday we drove down to Wichita, Kansas which is about a 3 hour drive for us.We had an appointment at a 3d/4d place to get an ultrasound done so we could finally find out the sex of our baby. We just did the 2d for now since we were there specifically to find out the sex. We'll be doing the 3d/4d in about 6 weeks. It was so amazing to find out what our baby is! We are having a....

We are extremely excited! Jon and the rest of my family had all been saying before we knew that they thought he would indeed be a boy. Wichita has a lot more shopping opportunities so we took the rest of the day to go to Babies R Us to get things we needed. We left Babies R Us with a Chicco travel system. We also went to JCPenney's because they were having a huge sale and we bought baby clothes! I had got our pack n play about a week prior to our appointment. I ordered it online and had it shipped to us. It was a gender nuetral one since with didn't know yet what we were having. We're now waiting for our nursery furniture to be shipped to us.

Don't mind me with no makeup. This was me at 21 weeks and 4 days. I am 22 weeks today.

 Sorry for the blurry picture.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

We have a stubborn baby on our hands!

I had my doctor appointment yesterday. It was awful. I had checked three or four times prior to my appointment that I was getting an anatomy scan. Each person I talked to said it was in their system for me to have one. So I show up at 4:30pm yesterday (20 minutes early) to fill out some paperwork. My actual appointment was at 4:50pm. 5:10 rolls around and a receptionist calls me up front to sign a paper. I told her my appointment was supposed to be 20 minutes ago and what does she tell me? "You'll be fine." I was so shocked at the way she said it that I didn't say anything back. Normally I don't tolerate rude people. I finally got called back at 5:40pm. Yep, almost an hour after my scheduled appointment. So I'm talking with the nurse about the anatomy scan and she says I'm not down for one. I was already irritated from them running late and when said I wasn't getting the sonogram I really wanted to rip into her. I remained calm and collected though. She told me they don't normally do them for first time appointments (I was seeing this doctor for the first time). So she goes and talks to the doctor about it and comes back and tells me they will do it but it's going to have to be quick. At this point I could care less about finding out the sex than I do about making sure my child is growing right on track. The nurse takes us back into the sono room and we then proceeded to wait another 45 minutes for the doctor. FINALLY, the doctor comes in and she does her thing. We didn't end up leaving there until 7pm. It's actually weird, this particular doctor office doesn't close until 8pm. I had never heard of that.

Good news? Our baby is growing right on track and is developing wonderfully!

Bad news? Our baby was laying across and on it's side (His/her back was facing outwards). So we couldn't find out the sex. Needless to say I was bummed about that part.

I scheduled a 3d/4d appointment for next Saturday. Fingers crossed that we will find out what this little munchkin is! If not we have to wait until August 31st for my next doctor appointment.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's been way too long!

I haven't had internet since May which explains my lack of writing. I've now been in Kansas for almost a full month. The first two weeks were super hard being so far away from my family. Every now and then I still get sad about not being able to hop in my car and visit my Nana or other family. I am currently 20 weeks and 1 day pregnant. It's seriously been so easy going. I've had no morning sickness at all. My face breaking out has calmed down in the last two weeks. I'm just now starting to feel our little peanut's movements. It's still faint but it's amazing knowing I'm growing a tiny human inside of me.

I did have one scare a couple of days after I get here to Kansas. I was welcomed by Kansas with some eighteen wheeler throwing a rock at my window and leaving a crack. So the next day I was outside with the repair man (he makes house calls) while he was doing his thing. It was only 80 degrees outside at the time. I was outside for about half an hour when I started to feel nauseous then my ears started ringing and I felt dizzy. Then my hearing went muffled and I couldn't see anything. I started to tumble forward (I was leaning my hip onto my car) and caught myself on my car. The poor old man working on my windshield was freaked out. He asked if I needed anything and I said water but my speech was slurred. I leaned on my car until I gained my sight and hearing back. I then slowly walked to the house to get water and call Jon. He hurried home and took me to the er. They admitted me asap. They gave me fluids and took a urine sample. They came back and told me I had a urinary tract infection. They then gave me an antibiotic and gave me a prescriptions for one.They said it could cause what happened to me. It definitely was scary.

I saw this on another blog that I thought I would fill out.

How far along? 20 weeks and 1 day, 19 weeks and 6 days to go!

How big is baby? About 7 inches and 11 ounces, so may what to expect app says.

Gender? Don't know yet.

Weight gain? As of July 18th I haven't gained a single pound. That's actually good for me seeing that I went into this pregnancy weighing more than I should.

Symptoms? My back has been starting to ache.

Food cravings? Chuy's or Chick-Fil-A. If I want Chuy's I have to go back to Texas and if I want Chick-Fil-A then I have to drive 63 miles to get it.

Sleep? I toss and turn all.night.long. We are sleeping on an air matress though at the moment so that could be why.

Movement? It's real faint right now.
Stretch Marks? Sadly, small ones on my boobs :/

Belly Button? I've always had a deep belly button and it's still currently the same.

What I am looking forward to? My anatomy scan tomorrow! I'm really hoping to find out the gender!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A surprise is what I got about four weeks ago. Jon and I found out we are pregnant! I went to the doctor on May 11th to confirm it. I was pretty sure after 5 digital tests that I was pregnant but I knew I should go see a doctor. I went in there thinking I was 4 or 5 weeks at the most. That was not the case at all!  At the time I was approximately 8 weeks and 1 day. I was definitely suprised!! I am now 10 weeks and 1 day. I had my first ultrasound on May 18th and it was amazing! I saw our little peanut and it was love at first sight. Hearing the heartbeat is one of the most fantastic things ever! I actually cried when I heard it.

I've actually been lucky and have not had an ounce of morning sickness. Although I can't brush my teeth or tongue anymore without gagging. The only other syptoms I've had is exhaustion and my "girls" are sore.

I'll leave you with a picture of our little peanut =)

Oh! Look what they did to my arm when they drew blood :/

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I've got Adele on repeat.

 Whenever I'm in a sad funky mood I put Adele on repeat and sulk. There is just something about her voice and the lyrics that help me cry. I think a long cry is good every once in a while, at least for me it is.

I know I haven't wrote in over a month. My apologies. I doubt anyone is reading this but at this point I'm writing to help release all the emotions I'm feeling at the moment. Life has been pretty crazy since starting my new job at the beginning of last month. I feel as if all I do is sleep, eat, work and repeat. I enjoy my new job that I'll be leaving in less than a month.

Yep, you read that correctly. My new job ends on May the 7th. Why? I'm moving to the middle of nowhere, aka Cimarron, Kansas. Jon is getting discharged from the Army next month. We found out last Friday. It's a long story and I would rather not talk about it. He did nothing bad, he hasn't disgraced the Army, nothing of the sorts. To say this is very unexpected is an understatement. My job alone won't pay the bills and there is no work for him in Killeen. I hate when everything is going great and then life comes and knocks us on our ass.

So off to Kansas we go. We'll be living with his parents until August. Then Jon will be going to school in either North Carolina or Houston, Texas. I'm hoping for the latter. I'm always up for an adventure but I'll be honest, I'm scared. I have a big family and I am so used to seeing them anytime I want. I can't do that when I move 10 hours away. It's scary.

I just don't want them to forget about me. They already do with me living an hour away.
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