Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guess who moved?!

Meee! Jon and I are finally out of our teeny tiny apartment. We are now proud renters of a two bedroom, one and a half bath house. It's a two story with a huge backyard. I'm so happy to be out of that awful apartment! We haven't completely unpacked yet so when thats done I'll show pictures.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this but our wedding was post-poned. We were supposed to have been married this past Saturday. Welllll, the Army had different plans for us. About a month and a half ago, Jon came down on orders to depoy. He was going to be leaving in a matter of weeks. Like 2 to 3 weeks. We didn't want to rush into getting married right before he left so we just called off the whole thing. Guess what? They decided not to send him. So right now we're just kind of enjoying being engaged I guess, lol. We haven't even really mentioned a date since calling it off. I'm thinking next March. Who knows?

We've added an addition to our family. His name is Jake! He's a little 5 month old sheltie. He was our neighbors dog when we were living in our apartment. They lived on the second floor and would leave him out all day and all night. There was nothing blocking the sun and they were just letting him go to the restroom on the balcony. They also had him tied up out there so he couldn't even walk around. You can most definitely tell that he was abused because if we raise our voice or make sudden movements, his ears go back and his whole demeanor changes. We also think he was hit by a belt. Jon was picking up his belt and Jake took off hiding. It's so sad. Jake is also having to warm up to Jon. Jon has to get down on his level and also has to lower his voice when talking to him. We're also thinking our neighbor (a man) was the abuser. Even though he's still skiddish, he's a happy pup now.

He's ferocious!

He's going to eat youuu!

Just kidding :) He's really sweet!


And this one just for fun! I recently got a Nikon D3000 and I am still learning all about it.


Kayla Sue said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, those pictures are really good! I can't believe you just got the camera! What a cute puppy:)

Lacey said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for the comment, i love music!
I love your dogs pictures...ahh the one were hes gonna eat you is pricless!!

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