Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fill-In

Well I'm jumping back on the bandwagon and doing Wife of a Sailor's Milspouse Friday Fill-In. Go on and check out her blog!

1. A different twist on last week’s question. This week, the first question is: what’s the nicest thing a MILSPOUSE has ever done for you? (brought to you from navy_smurfette)

The nicest thing a Milspouse has ever done would probably be just simply being my friend. I don't have too many around here and my dear friend Ashley has been amazing to me! She's constantly inviting me to things and making me feel welcomed.

2. How often do you drive faster than the speed limit?

Everyday. I know, I know. Shame on me. It's a really bad habit I have. I usually only go about 5 or 10 over though.

3. Did you have a nickname in school? If so, what was it?

I honestly can't remember if I did or not. You would think that if I did, I would remember it. I'm pretty sure I didn't have one though.

4. If your life was a book, what would the title be and how would it end?

I have absolutely no clue. I'm so not creative when it comes to these things. I do know though, it would end with me married and with children.

5. Look back (in your planner if you have one) to September 14th… what did you do that day?

I don't have a planner but I do know that since it was a Tuesday, I was working. So I was either at the park with Little C (the little boy I watch) or we were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


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