Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A surprise is what I got about four weeks ago. Jon and I found out we are pregnant! I went to the doctor on May 11th to confirm it. I was pretty sure after 5 digital tests that I was pregnant but I knew I should go see a doctor. I went in there thinking I was 4 or 5 weeks at the most. That was not the case at all!  At the time I was approximately 8 weeks and 1 day. I was definitely suprised!! I am now 10 weeks and 1 day. I had my first ultrasound on May 18th and it was amazing! I saw our little peanut and it was love at first sight. Hearing the heartbeat is one of the most fantastic things ever! I actually cried when I heard it.

I've actually been lucky and have not had an ounce of morning sickness. Although I can't brush my teeth or tongue anymore without gagging. The only other syptoms I've had is exhaustion and my "girls" are sore.

I'll leave you with a picture of our little peanut =)

Oh! Look what they did to my arm when they drew blood :/

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