Saturday, January 1, 2011

I just couldn't do it!

My eyes wouldn't allow me to stay up until at least midnight.

Guess what time they finally wanted to close?


That's right, I couldn't stay up an extra 30 minutes.

I think New Years Eve is overrated anyways.


I thought we would be starting this new year off with a clean slate.

That was not the case at all though.

Jon and I were driving yesterday when my car died.

Yep, it just died. No explanation at all.

Gas? Check.

Thank goodness for USAA. Thank goodness that I opted for towing on my insurance. Thank goodness that we get one free tow a year.

Turns out my timing belt went out.

I have the worlds worst luck with cars.

Check out this AWESOME Marc Jacobs giveaway that Jen at Slumber Designs is doing. I couldn't pass up entering! I love Marc Jacobs perfume!


Jen said... [Reply to comment]

Ugh... timing belt? Don't you just HATE when those break?? :-(

Happy New Years Girl!!

Oh, and I got ya down for those extra enteries!!

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