Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Buyer's Remorse?

I had it for maybe half a second when I bought this!

I always have that feeling though when I buy big items.
After that half second was done, I was over the moon with my purchase!

I would show you pictures of my actual car but it's been raining ever since I got it and it now needs a bath.
I've had it for exactly two weeks now.
I still get all excited when I get to drive it.
The kind of excitement where you squeal out of delight.

This is my first brand new car.
My last car was "new" but it was used.
The car before that was given to me as a graduation gift.
And then the car before that was a hand-me-down when I turned 16.
Three cars in four years is no good.
It was time to have one that is going to last me for years to come.

I still don't have a name for her.
Am I the only one who names my cars?
I sure hope not. 


Jen said... [Reply to comment]

Now that is one good looking car!! So jealous! :-)


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