Thursday, January 20, 2011


This was supposed to post last Thursday (Janurary 13th) but if you read my previous blog then you'll know it didn't.

I ran across this through Adrienne at Right Here, Right now!

It's called Business2Blogger. (Duh, Katelyn, it's in your title.)

It's a free opportunity for bloggers (and businesses) to review products.

Like I said, this is a completely free service.

How does it work, you ask?

They will send you an email at least once a week with opportunites to sign up for to do a review.

There are two ways bloggers can be selected for these campaigns.

Free campaigns and paid campaigns.

Free campaigns are open for submissions for 18 hours. B2B will then use a random number generator ( to choose 10 Bloggers submissions to send to the businesses who want you to do the reviews. Businesses then look at who was sent to them and they choose who they want.

Paid campaigns are also selected by to select from the Blogger submissions. They are then looked over to make sure they meet the campaign requirements. B2B repeats this process until the required slots are satisfied, and the results are then sent to the Business.

B2B is run by three bloggers.

Shauna at Blah Blah Blog.

and last but not least

Want to know anything else? Just click on their button right below.


Jen said... [Reply to comment]

I signed up for this but never got any emails :-( Has anyone else had any luck with it???

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