Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My New Holy Grail Hair Products

Do not walk but RUN to your nearest Ulta (or anywhere else they sell it).
You must get your pretty little paws on these hair products!

You're probably wondering now what on earth I am talking about, huh?

I recently bought two products from the It's A 10 line.

First I went and bought their Miracle Hair Mask.
I've been using it for two weeks now. I've used it twice each week.
It makes my hair feel so silky smooth. I thought I had found the best product ever invented.

That was until I bought this little baby.
This ya'll is actually the best hair product ever.
 It does 10 things for your hair, hence the name.

This bad boy:
1.) Repairs dry damaged hair
2.) Adds shine
3.) Smooths & controls frizz
4.) Seals & protects hair color
5.) Detangles
6.) Prevents split ends
7.) Stops hair breakage
8.) Creates Silkiness
9.) Enhances natural body
10.) Flat iron spray & thermal protector
After I get out of the shower I comb my hair and then spray this all throughout my hair.
My hair has seriously never felt softer.
It just feels overall healthy again.

You must go buy at least the Miracle Leave-In Product!
I promise you will love it.
If you don't then...
I'm sorry?


OceanDreams said... [Reply to comment]

glad you found a product that makes your hair so silky smooth little sis, it reminds me of this product i use called Moroccan oil. love products like this!

Leetah East said... [Reply to comment]

Awesome review! Found you via the blog hop!

Leetah East

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