Thursday, August 4, 2011

We have a stubborn baby on our hands!

I had my doctor appointment yesterday. It was awful. I had checked three or four times prior to my appointment that I was getting an anatomy scan. Each person I talked to said it was in their system for me to have one. So I show up at 4:30pm yesterday (20 minutes early) to fill out some paperwork. My actual appointment was at 4:50pm. 5:10 rolls around and a receptionist calls me up front to sign a paper. I told her my appointment was supposed to be 20 minutes ago and what does she tell me? "You'll be fine." I was so shocked at the way she said it that I didn't say anything back. Normally I don't tolerate rude people. I finally got called back at 5:40pm. Yep, almost an hour after my scheduled appointment. So I'm talking with the nurse about the anatomy scan and she says I'm not down for one. I was already irritated from them running late and when said I wasn't getting the sonogram I really wanted to rip into her. I remained calm and collected though. She told me they don't normally do them for first time appointments (I was seeing this doctor for the first time). So she goes and talks to the doctor about it and comes back and tells me they will do it but it's going to have to be quick. At this point I could care less about finding out the sex than I do about making sure my child is growing right on track. The nurse takes us back into the sono room and we then proceeded to wait another 45 minutes for the doctor. FINALLY, the doctor comes in and she does her thing. We didn't end up leaving there until 7pm. It's actually weird, this particular doctor office doesn't close until 8pm. I had never heard of that.

Good news? Our baby is growing right on track and is developing wonderfully!

Bad news? Our baby was laying across and on it's side (His/her back was facing outwards). So we couldn't find out the sex. Needless to say I was bummed about that part.

I scheduled a 3d/4d appointment for next Saturday. Fingers crossed that we will find out what this little munchkin is! If not we have to wait until August 31st for my next doctor appointment.


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